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Super energy-saving insulating glass


In 2010, the company introduced the first TPS hollow production line in mainland China produced by Swiss Baichao Group, and joined hands with the leaders of glass energy-saving technology—Saint-Gobain Group of France, Kemeilin of Germany, and Dow Corning of the United States to jointly create a revolutionary energy-saving hollow system.


The ultra-energy-saving insulating glass adopts high-quality LOW-E glass, equipped with a warm-edge thermal insulation technology spacer, supplemented by a sealing technology with high sealing and low water vapor permeability. The hollow cavity is filled with a high thermal resistance inert gas, which is more energy-saving than ordinary insulating glass. Times, at the same time, the service life can be more than 25 years.

Ultra-efficient TPS insulating glass:


Rongzhuang Villa



1. Energy saving: the U value of the three-layer insulating glass can reach 0.58W/m2.K

2. Comfort: The insulation effect of three-layer insulating glass is more than 4 times that of ordinary insulating glass, which effectively reduces indoor and outdoor temperature difference and increases living comfort.

3. Sound insulation: three-layer hollow glass is 5 dB lower than ordinary insulating glass noise reduction.

Shanghai Harbour View - China's first TPS project

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